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Australians for Mussalaha (Reconciliation) In Syria – About AMRIS

Australians for Mussalaha  (Reconciliation) in Syria

While the British government considers military intervention in Syria and as foreign jihadists and mercenaries continue to cross the border into Syria, a Syrian reconciliation and peace process supported by the international community is urgent.

AMRIS is part of ISTEAMS, the International Support Team for the Mussalaha (reconciliation) initiative in Syria.  

It brings together Australians from different faiths and allegiances. 

AMRIS is working to promote the 10 Points Towards Reconciliation and Peace described by Mother Agnes Mariam, the Carmelite nun from Homs, on her visit to Australia in October 2012.


  1. Support conflict resolution through negotiation and implementation of a democratic process.
  2. Stop the flow of weapons to Syria.
  3. Stigmatize the war methods that are against the Geneva Convention.
  4. Restrain interference from abroad in the Syrian conflict.
  5. Furnish honest information about the Syrian conflict. 
  6. Support new political parties that are proliferating and giving new shape to the Syrian political landscape.
  7. Stop the sanctions, which are harming only the civilian population.
  8. Fairly distribute humanitarian aid.
  9. Appeal for impartiality among the diverse NGOs working in the Syrian conflict.
  10. Support a new state that will guarantee equality of citizenship and religious freedom to any religious and ethnic group.

The destruction of utilities and services together with sanctions are causing immense suffering, particularly with the onset of winter.

The hopes of the next generation of Syrians are being destroyed. Syria’s ancient cultural and spiritual heritage of inestimable value to humanity is threatened.

AMRIS responds with clarity and activism to the violence and extreme hardship being endured by the Syrian people.

AMRIS urges Australians to take action to support peace and relieve suffering.

ISTEAMS International Coordinator: Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross

Email:     “Agnès-Mariam de la Croix higoumène” <maryakub@gmail.com>,

AMRIS Contact: AMRIS PO Box 494 Tullamarine Vic 3043   

AMRIS Email:

Political Coordinator: AMRIS.contact@gmail.com   

National Coordinator of AMRIS <susan.dirgham51@gmail.com>

Twitter:  @AMRIScontact


  1. Carol says:

    Thank you mother Agnès-Mariam for the initiatives, however if we wish to make this initiatives objective and applicable, it needs to few more points such as : Stop flow of weapon from Iran, Lebanon and Russian as well. Assad army must stop right away shelling the civilians and liberate all opinion detainees. Let all media inside Syria without restriction, allow peaceful demonstration, and top of all, Assad to step down right away and to be held together with his key officials accountable for war crimes in Syria. Then we can start the reconciliation between the different groups and parties. The international community must take its responsibility to protect civilians in Syria by sending UN forces to ensure application of above. This is what a fair and objective conciliation after 2 years of revolution, 70k civilians documented cases killed by the Assad forces and millions of refugees and destroyed house.

  2. solomon says:

    Its a covert cia/mi6/alwaeda war,Syrian army is only doing its duty to protect citizens and eliminate the criminal,savage jihadis,Carol your 70K figure seems picked off Hillary the killers list.

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