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Al-Maliki Calls for Bolstering Moderation, Discarding Extremism in Syria

Dec 20, 2012

Baghdad, (SANA)_Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki expressed grave concern over the ongoing violence in Syria, calling upon the Syrian opposition groups to work for finding a political solution that realizes the aspirations of the Syrian people.

During his meeting on Wednesday with a delegation from the opposition National Coordination Body  headed by Dr. Haitham Manna, al-Maliki said that ”efforts should be synchronized to bolster moderation and discard extremism in Syria, as it creates problems rather than solves them.”

He stressed that the Iraqi government has offered humanitarian aid which it intends to increase without any political goals, as admitted by international organizations which hailed the Iraqi role that distanced itself from the internal conflict.

The delegation’s members expressed concern over the increasing violence, underlining the necessity of discarding violence and encouraging moderation, and that the solution be political, not military.

Later on, Iraqi Vice President Khudair al-Khuzaie met the delegation and stressed that Iraq will not be a path for weapons or money for any of the conflict sides in Syria.

” Iraq will not be a path for weapons or money to any side of the conflict in Syria,” Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted al-Khuzaie as saying during talks with the delegation.

He reiterated his country’s support to stability in Syria which would contribute to the stability in the region.

The Vice President affirmed Iraq’s firm stance towards the crisis in Syria which stresses the need for adopting dialogue and political and peaceful solution as a basis to halt bloodshed and destruction.

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