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Australian Nurse Speaks about Syria


Margaret, a fluent Arabic speaker, is an Australian nurse from Adelaide who has worked in Jordan and Syria among Bedouin people and Iraqi refugees, in particular.  She was interviewed for AMRIS on 30 November 2013.

Part 1: Margaret introduces herself and her work in the ME.

Part 2: Margaret speaks about Syria and the crisis there.

Part 3: Margaret discusses some of the problems in Syria, but also some of the misinformation in the mainstream media that has had an impact on the crisis.

Part 4: Margaret speaks about Christianity and Islam in Syria.

Part 5: Margaret speaks about Mother Agnes Mariam and her work for reconciliation in Syria and Israel.

Image: Mother Agnes and the Grand Mufti of Syria

Mother Agnes Mariam at a meeting with Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun, Damascus, 2013

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