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The main Arab tribes which have given their consent to Mussalaha:

Ahmar Tribe                           Baggara Tribe                          Sarhan Tribe

Berri Tribe                               Dulaimi Tribe                           Rawla Tribe

Enezeh Tribe                           Jabbour Tribe                         Adwan Tribe

Shammar Tribe                      Obeid Tribe                               Asharabeyen Tribe

Zfeir Tribe                                Allouhaib Tribe                       Alfoaarah Tribe

Naim Tribe                               Okaydath Tribe                        Sebaa Tribe

Bani Khalid Tribe                   Al Weldeh Tribe                      Amarat Tribe

Jeiss Tribe                                Almouwali Tribe                     Bani Sakhr Tribe

Bani Assid Tribe                     Alfadaan Tribe                         Khafajah (Hawazin) Tribe

Alboukhamis Tribe               Albu Sha’ban Tribe

Afadalat Tribe                         Bani Harb Tribe

Alhadideen Tribe                   Tay Tribe

Alfoudoul Tribe                      Al Turki Tribe

Less enthusiastic:

Rifai, Hariri, Zou’bi,

Mahamid and Mushahadat Tribes

Ref: WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA TODAY?  compiled by Alan Lonergan lonergan100@gmail.com

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